Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Long, Long Vacation

Wow! It's been half a year since the last blog update. So much has happened in the team's personal life that we set Mothership aside for a few months until after the New Year. And, it's that time again for another update!

First, we've brought on a new team member, Jimmy! Jimmy will handle the testing and QA for Mothership as we work down toward our first release.

Second, we've re-designed the upgrade dialog and added a new dialog to show post-battle summary information. Here, we can show how the player's doing compared to previous battles and give a bit more life the the individual heroes.

Third, the next installment of hero portraits are ready:

Finally, on a more personal note, congratulations to Jacob on getting married, Stryker on getting into a Master's program at the University of Essex and living on the other side of the ocean, and for me on surviving child birth and rearing! Go team!