Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Valence-Class Carrier [overview]

The Valence-Class Carrier is the Sol System Service’s predominant tool to maintain peace across the Inner Orbits.

The vast majority of SSS craft are small, nimble fighters and are not designed for interplanetary travel, and as such require a ferry of some kind to support them across great distances. This is the carrier’s primary function.

Although more efficiently utilized in orbit and deep space, SSS carriers can also dip into a planet’s atmosphere for a time if needed to make a swift deployment or bombardment.

The hangar can hold up to 24 scout-fighters, 4 dropships, 4 patrol boats, and 1 stealth fighter, with some variance depending on the configuration of the multiple-leveled housing area. Ships ready for take-off are entered into a staging area where they are prepared for the launch-halls. These long chutes can slingshot small ships directly into a fray at high speeds without requiring these ships to expend large portions of their small fuel reserves on a manual take-off.

Flight control is monitored by a station at the top of the hangar near the center of the ship. Crew and pilot accommodations, navigation bridge and the primary Combat information center (CIC) are located in a structure (the “island”) on the starboard wing of the carrier, with a sensor tower rising up out of the top of this island. Deploying troop accommodations and ready rooms are located within the main hull around the hangar and staging areas.

The carrier’s power plant runs down the bottom of the spine of the ship, with one major thruster situated underneath the hangar doors at the stern. Twenty-five more maneuvering thrusters are dispersed across the rest of the ship, twelve of which are located on the belly of the ship for vertical sustainment in-atmo.

Point-defense batteries dot the hull  as well and some of the newer carriers come equipped with two massive rail guns installed at the bow. Combined with the gunmetal black color of the ship and its sharp wings and design, the very sight of an SSS carrier creates a sense of dominance to the Commonwealth’s foes and reassurance to its allies.

Notable SSS Valence-Class Carriers:

SSS Ad Infinitium - Ended the uprising at the Venus Penal Colony
SSS Occam’s Razor - Base of operations for the new Seeker project

SSS Veritas Vincit - Destroyed at the rebellion of Io

SSS Zeno’s Arrow - Settled the dispute at Ganymede