Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Seeker's Characters

Players of our historical simulation, The Seeker, will be assuming the role of Seeker 0107 (Gamma Group), a special forces pilot within the Commonwealth's Sol System Security. He's a genetically engineered human trained and molded to be an amazing pilot, shooter, tactician, survivalist... and well, the list goes on. Of course, he's also loyal to the Commonwealth to a fault. 'Brainwashed' would be what the Extremists say. We prefer "Educated succinctly."

The Gene-Superiors are not without some side effects though. The Seeker and his kind lack a head of hair and are gifted with  full-black eyes with irises of a dim white.

The Seeker's co-pilot is a slightly older, more experienced pilot named Patricia S. Scope, or just 'Scope'. Lately, she's been having to watch her veteran comrades be replaced with more perfect soldiers like the Seeker.

"Excellence without consciousness, strength without doubt and humility... these are dangerous traits for the most powerful force in the Sol System." - Scope [recovered data flow]

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