Thursday, August 2, 2012

Early Concepts of The Seeker

A lot has changed. Much has stayed the same. Here are some older concepts of the gameplay for The Seeker, Commonwealth Industries' first virtual simulation.

-Near the Mass Driver outside Rio de Janeiro

-Red Square Spacescrapers

-Alexandria Outskirts

-Flooded Mobile


  1. Color me interested. I'm seeing some similarity to some top-down flying/combat games I used to enjoy immensely.

    You guys going to be talking about gameplay sometime soon, or is it too early to be specific?

    1. We'll definitely be able to talk about the gameplay specifics very soon ( soon as we start typing it up...).

      It started out as a more straight-on flying shooter game like above, but it now has more of the directional format of Asteroids. You can move boost around in any direction you like. To compliment this, the backgrounds and ships are all 3D now as opposed to 2D pixel art.